Monday, May 23, 2005


I am so fuming angry at Comcast right now, I could puke.

Comcast cable internet's DNS servers suck ass - they always have - or at least since I've been a customer of theirs at one point of the country or another, since 1997. They sucked on the east coast, and they suck in Chicago.

I sat down today to play a couple SnG's on Full Tilt. It's my first weekday off work for summer vacation (even though I have to go into work Tues and Wed this week... but still. I was enjoying the day off). Washed my car, swept out my patio of all the dead leaves from winter... then sat down for some poker. I pulled up two $20 SnG's and got to it.

Then, the DNS servers cut out. That means, I can't DO anything on the net. The cable connection was fine - I could ping any other IP address that wasn't the DNS servers, but couldn't access anything that required resolving of a domain name. The outage would last a minute or so - just enough to lose whatever hand I was in - and then it would cut back in and begin working. So I kept playing for a few hands. Five minutes later, it's out again. This continued throughout the entire tournament. I ended up out 5th and 7th, respectively, because I couldn't play any fucking hands without losing the connection halfway through. Lost half my stack with the nut flush on one game because the DNS cut out on the river, and as I was last to act and my opponent bet into me, the hand timed out.

I'm learning a little more every day to take bad beats in stride, and look at poker as one big session, but mother fucker. I cannot STAND when technology fails me - technology that I pay SIXTY DOLLARS A MONTH for. It's not rocket science to keep a server running.

I'm so ridiculously pissed off right now that I seriously need to walk away from anything valuable, as I just might break it.

Fifty bucks, gone like that. And I didn't even get the chance to lose it by making jackass plays.


Comcast can kiss my ass. If it wasn't so fast when it DOES work, I'd dump their service. Unfortunately DSL is slow as hell in this area.

I bet the connection is loused up right now and I lose this post - just watch....


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