Saturday, May 07, 2005

Not so bad...

After spending 3 hours on Noble Poker today, I've decided it's not so bad. The software is tolerable. It won't be my home site, but once you get used to it, it's not so bad.

I finished earning "crowns" towards my deposit bonus there. Now I just have to wait for the bonus money to hit my account. They say they disperse it daily, but nothing hit my account today, so I'd better just get the lump $90 they owe me tomorrow. (I've already been cut $10 of it, from my first night).

End result: + $72. Add in the bonus money, and it's + $162.

Not bad for a couple days' play. At one point I was up another $50 or so, but the play on that site is so atrocious that it got bad-beated away. Lost $50 in my last half hour - and you can imagine that I was playing tight as hell at that point, just trying to clear my last few hands! The players on Noble suck worse than I've ever seen in my life. It's good when the cards are hot but absolutely miserable when the fish are catching you!! Suckouts galore.

But I am pleased with the results! Hopefully those results will hurry up and hit my account!!

Now - if anyone else plays there, answer me this: does it seem like there are WAY too many four-flushes onboard? At least count I saw 18 4-flushes onboard today across three tables - within 3 hours' time. (And I stopped counting probably 2/3 of the way through). Doesn't that seem a bit odd? And big hands are the norm - rarely does one or two pair take a pot. I myself had five full houses today, two flopped flushes, two turn/river flushes, and 4 different straights. That's a LOT of big hands. And my opponents seemed to show similar hands. Maybe it's just me. Seemed weird. Like they're trying to build excitement into the game or something... but I could be imagining things.

Glad to be done with that bonus... I've got a couple hours before I leave for the JackHammer game. Debating if I should go reload Empire Poker to take advantage of their big reload bonus - 50% up to $100. Maybe....


  1. Anonymous said...
    Better make sure you still *have* an Empire account before you try to hit up the bonus. :)

    Several threads at and 2+2 about people getting their accounts closed out of the blue with no explanation. Doesn't necessarily seem limited to those who just chase bonuses there, but unless it's your home site and you're playing there constantly, you're likely at risk.

    I've done maybe one reload at Empire since signing up last fall, and I had my account frozen this morning.
    Shelly said...
    Thanks, Simon - I checked my account, and it took FOREVER to log in! I feared I'd been cut off! After a pause, it worked, and I think I'm OK. That sucks though! Why would they turn away users? Even if they're only chasing bonuses? Thanks for the heads up!

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