Friday, May 13, 2005

Randy > Me

Well, Randy placed better in the WPBT WSOP Satellite than I've done in my first two attempts, coming in 26th in Wednesday's WPBT game at Noble. Nice job, baby! I don't have any stories though - maybe he'll be kind enough to post a few. I, unfortunately, had to work Wednesday night. Congrats to the Pirate on what I hear was a great win!

Tonight has been kind of harsh on the tables at Full Tilt. I've been picking off bluffers and idiots left and right on the flop or turn, and then watching in horror as they catch miracle two and three outers on the river. Dumbfounding, really. I think someone shook up the Party Poker fish tank and dumped the sea creatures into Full Tilt for the soon-to-be weekend. To put a positive spin on things, though, I feel really good about my play tonight. I was able to sense weakness and take pots from those who were drawing and missed (even though I had nothing myself), made some good (though heartbreaking when you're in love with your hand) laydowns, and picked off some bluffers with the best hand at the time (even though I got rivered on most of them).

My results for the evening:

$25NL table: +5
2 $20+2 SnG's: busted out in 6th, -44
2-table $20_2 SnG: 4th place, +37
1/2 limit table: -12
Net: -14

Considering the severity of some of the suckouts I saw, the net could have been much worse. I'll take these results as a very good night, considering that my opponents held all of the lucky horseshoes around town!

My Noble winnings cashout finally cleared - it took FOUR DAYS! Is that long? Seemed long to me - though the only site I've ever cashed out on before is Full Tilt, and they're always within 24 hours. At any rate, my Vegas fund is looking healthy for June's WPBT Aladdin Classic, and I'm hoping to hit the $1,000 mark by the time we leave. It'll be tough but I think I can do it. $176 to go, I think. Something like that. So that's my goal.

I didn't do Tuesday's Empire reload bonus, after hearing the murmers around the web that Empire is trying to identify bonus chasers and close their accounts. I don't think I qualify as a bonus chaser, though - I actually played Empire as my main site for a while. I'd go back and forth between Party and Empire - until I found Full Tilt. Now I call Full Tilt my home. But it's only been a month and a half or so since I played on Empire regularly. I avoided that bonus, anyway, just in case. FTP is doing a reload bonus, which is tempting. I'm playing there anyway, right? Might as well make some money! We'll see...

That's about it for me. I probably won't play much poker this weekend. Maybe Friday. Saturday, I'm heading down to Champaign, IL for graduation - getting my masters degree. It's kind of weird, though, because I still have one class to finish, which is now in progress. (It'll be done the first week of August). So I feel like I'm not really graduating... it's odd. But, if we don't walk in this ceremony, we have to wait till June 2006, which is ridiculous. So, might as well walk! Saturday we're heading down to the campus (it's 2 hours away from here), and Sunday is the ceremony. Next week is final exam week at work, and after May 20th... SUMMER VACATION! Wheeee! Can't wait.

Aww well, time for bed. Good cards, everybody!

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  1. Human Head said...
    Woohoo, Masters degree done! Sweet relief, eh?

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