Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm up $40 for the day... I shall call it a night.

Whew! Long week. The last week of the semester at work is ALWAYS the longest week, and with graduation and associated travel-induced sleep deprivation last weekend, the week took forever! Well... it's not over yet - I still have to go into work Friday and Saturday, but I'm done with my classes, and only have one more class worth of final projects to grade... wheeeee!

AND, with my Vegas departure in 14 days and counting... holy crap! Excited glee has my head all over the place tonight.

So, I played a $20 SnG on my favorite site of all times, Full Tilt Poker. Had a $25NL ring game pulled up as well. I hit some big hands right off the bat on the ring table and was up a buy-in, but lost half of it back just as quickly on a hand where 5 people went to the flop. With the nut flush draw, a pot-sized bet in front of me, and three previous callers, I couldn't pass up the odds. Unfortunately I didn't hit and had to dump the hand - ten bucks, bye bye.

But the sit-n-go... MAN, were there two of the rudest people I've ever encountered online. Just taking cheap shots at everyone at the table, back and forth. Completely unprovoked even. I was dumbfounded. It's in my nature to be a peacemaker (the Libra that I am), and I threw out one of those, "gee, that wasn't very nice" comments, which got some support, but these a-holes couldn't care less. Ya know, sometimes someone will make a comment that's out of line and then realize it and apologize, which I totally understand and respect. Can't say I've never done it - though Shellmuth tends to come out more easily in person than online.

The funny thing is that the one guy that was getting all belligerent - I hadn't noticed, but I had some notes on him. So I hovered over the notes and the first line was "ignorant prick." LOL. Apparently I'd seen him before, and apparently he wasn't any nicer.

Are some people just constantly miserable? How sad for them. I tend to try to be "happy" or at least "content" by default, but that's just me.

I ended up knocking out the Ignorant Prick on the bubble, and he spent the next ten minutes verbally abusing me. He was fairly dumb, so I managed to crack the remaining money-makers up with some pseudo-witty replies that the Ignorant Prick rarely grasped. My favorite part was when he started trying to tell me that I'd have called his bet with my open-ended straight draw even if he went all in. I said, no - I had odds to call your minimum bet (because we all know that minimum bets make Baby Jebus cry), but had you gone all in, I wouldn't have had odds to chase the draw and would have laid it down. (Hello, sir, have you watched a single hand I've played tonight? Do I strike you as a loose gambooooler?) Then he goes into, "you're full of shit, buddy." That's it. Nobody calls me "buddy" - I have no penis and I won't stand for it. So I said, "Get over it, bubble boy - you got beat by a GIRL!"

WELL! Did that get the table in an uproar! See, I generally don't advertise my gender online, and with an ambiguous screen name (phlyersphan) and a non-gender-specific Goldfish as my avatar, most players tend to assume I'm a guy, unless conversation leads otherwise. Ignorant Prick didn't take too well to being beat by a girl, and then had to try to rub in that he makes more money than me. (I'd be willing to bet that he doesn't).

Stereotypical man with a tiny little wee wee and Big Man's Syndrome.

Eventually the whole thing got distracting and I turned off the observer chat and went back to focusing on the game. It sure did bond the remaining 3 of us at the table, though, and made for some good chat and good times.

Shout-out to QMan and Bigpaps for being cool as the other side of the pillow. Good game, guys. No love to Ignorant Prick, whose name I can't even remember, but whose notes will certainly tip me off next time I see him.

Anyhooo I finished 2nd in that game when my cards got just hot enough to go to showdown, and just cold enough to lose to my opponent's two pairs and flopped straights. Ouch. I deserved it though - I had a hot run of cards early and actually took a big pot off of QMan early on when I turned a boat against his nut flush. He got me back though and won the thing. Nice for him.

Nice for me too - I'll take 2nd place. That's fine!

Ended the night up ten bucks on my ring game too, so profits all around.

Anyway, I'm just babbling here at this point. I cannot wait for Vegas! I should arrive just in time to Storm the Castle on Friday night. Unfortunately I won't be there early enough to railbird the blogger posse in the WSOP, but how sweet would it be for "one of us" to take down some cash in the WSOP?

Randy's off playing in his regular workplace home game right now. I haven't heard from him yet, which I'm hoping is indicative of final table success. Maybe we will be lucky enough that he'll post tales of his game. Maybe I'll be lucky enough that he has won a large sum of money! Err, I mean, he'll be lucky enough. Right. (What's mine is yours, and all that... right, dear?)

Is anyone else having trouble with Blogger's spell check? It hasn't worked for me for weeks. Bah.

Oh well, I guess I should go to bed, as this post has been quite disorganized, rambly, and generally pointless. If you made it this far, you are near-worthy of sainthood.

VEGAS, BABY! Soooo close!


  1. DuggleBogey said...
    I've never used blogger spell check. For me, spell check is just reading my post after I've posted it and going "oh shit!" and editig as quickly as possible.

    Great post, if you're like me you wish you'd captured some of the text of the chat so you could post some of the dumb crap these idiots say.

    And one style note, try not to say "could care less" when you mean "couldn't care less."

    Keep up the good work!
    Easycure said...
    I recommend typing your posts in word, spell checking them there, and then cut and pasting them in.

    The main reason to do this is so blogger doesn't eat your post like it tends to do. Also, then you'll have a record of what you typed right on your own computer.

    In any case, nice playing.
    Shelly said...
    Thx Duggle - fixed it!

    Easycure - I really should just get into the habit of using the w.bloggar program - it works well and does all the post creation offline. It's just not in my routine. Laziness. Dislike of change. LOL
    Poker Gamer said...
    i hate it when people are talkin trash at the table. after playing in casinos for awhile though you learn to just ignore it all and zone out. hey...i added a strategy guide to my site. If you get a chance take a look. :)

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