Saturday, May 28, 2005

This afternoon, I will begin my one session of liver practice before Vegas. See, I don't drink all that much. Maybe one night every 4-6 weeks, getting actually "drunk" maybe once every 3-4 months. My philosophy is, if I don't have the time to invest a couple days into the process of getting drunk and uninterruptedly suffering the hangover, it's not worth it. My body doesn't take well to things like having to go to work and be functional with a hangover (not anymore, anyway). So I use all of the anti-hangover measures I know, and plan my drinking accordingly.

Today is our annual Memorial Day celebration. My family has a camper at a camping resort (don't think "camping" in the traditional sense - it's camping for pussies, basically - running water, electricity, DirecTV, heat, screened in porch for playing poker without bugs, beach, lake, fishing... the only thing resembling "camping" is the campfire and the s'mores). At any rate, it's enough "away from modern conveniences" like the internet that I feel disconnected while I'm there, and refreshingly so. This weekend, every year, generally turns into a giant party, with random friends dropping by throughout Saturday and Sunday. This year should be no exception.

I'm all ready to get "high fivin' drunk," as they say. Who's "they?" My friends and relatives that are aware that when I start randomly high-fiving people, I've crossed the line from buzzed to silly ass drunk. See, I'm a happy drunk. Happy, silly, loving life and everyone in it. Good times.

So tonight will hopefully be one of those nights. I will take all necessary precautions, hydrating pre-consumption and downing a couple Aleve or ibuprofen or something beforehand. I will eat my share of the carnivorous goodness that will be steadily in transit from the grill to the mouths of the savages of the group. Burgers, cheddar brats, dogs and the like. There's even been seen random steaks hitting the BBQ. The men stoke their flames, cooking our fare as if they'd killed it with their bare hands to provide for their women. That's alright with me. A good hot dog tastes even better with a good man's grilling ego cooked into it. I'll never grill as good as the men in my life do. They are the masters.

On the poker front... I managed to drop $30 yesterday, bubbling in a $20+2 SnG and busting out 5th in a $10+1 SnG. That brings my online bankroll to under $100. I've been wickedly cursed since pulling out that $800 for Vegas. I've heard of the cash-out curse, but did not believe in its existance. OK - fine, it's just random variance, I'm sure. That and my recent smacked ass plays. But it's beginning to look like if I don't come home from Vegas with some money, online poker is going to have to take a backseat until I find some way to squeeze another $100 out of my monthly budget to deposit. Yikes.

I'm gonna go play me a little poker right now, then go get ready to head out to the camper. Good times, coming up!

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!


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