Thursday, March 01, 2007

Chances are slim that I'll play poker tonight. I'm sitting at Empress right now, on the list for 5/10 holdem. Ninteenth on the list. 1-9. 19. They're running ONE table. Uno. 1. One 5/10 table, that is. The no-limit game is running, taking up what is normally the 2nd 5/10 table.

I could get in my car, drive the hour to indiana, and probably be seated and playing cards faster than I'll get my seat here.

I thought of going to indiana instead after work, but the lure of a quick drive home post-session sucked me in. Now I wonder if I'll get a session in at all.

I see some familiar faces at the table. I like that, because I've been rather successful at Empress in the past, and I'd love to see that nothing has changed in that regard.

This place is still smokey as hell. The air quality is atrocious. I can almost feel the cancer growing in my lungs as we speak. Anything for a juicy card game, though - right?

A rather bored and frustrated looking poker regular just shuffled by. He must be on the list, too.

If the 10/20 list was any better, I might ponder tiptoe-ing into that game for a swim... But that list sucks too.

I just burped out loud. Whoops.

I had a turkey sandwich down at the Empress deli when I got here. Besides being a little pricy, it wasn't a bad sammy.

I haven't heard a single name called for the poker room in 20 minutes. This is not good.

I think I'll read some poker blogs. I'll be back, if I don't die of boredome first!


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