Friday, April 15, 2005

Drawing near

The end is drawing near for the clearing of my Full Tilt bonus. It seems like only yesterday that I deposited that $100, with the wondrous potential of doubling my money or more for free. I have just under $5 left to clear, at which time I'll post my results.

I will miss this FTP bonus. What will be my incentive now to play at FTP? Oh, that's right - the fact that I'm making more money on that site than I've ever made at Poker Stars or the Party Poker skins. Heh. That's a nice incentive!

Question for those more experienced than I: let's say a reload bonus comes out for FTP (or any site, for that matter). I presume it is now allowed to suck your money out to Neteller and re-deposit it back in the same day to get the reload bonus? How long would you have to wait between withdrawing funds, and re-depositing funds on a site? Curious....

Well, I played a little more NL tonight. Two 25NL tables and one 50NL table. I was down about $20 on the 50NL table, when my nut flush ran into a turned boat. I think I lost as little as I could though. My opponent slow-played the turn, but my gut was squirming when the second King hit. I don't know why, but I felt the boat. It was like on ESPN's Tilt when the lead character guy could see through everybody's cards with his mind. What was his name? How quickly we forget. LOL Naw it wasn't anything like that. But I had a weird sense that I was beat. I had flopped the flush - which is always nice, and in my NO SLOWPLAYING ALLOWED rule, after being checked to on each street by my opponent, I bet out the pot. I was getting called down, and my opponent took a suspiciously long time to "think about" calling me on the turn. So when I bet out the pot on the river and was raised another $6 (pot was $18-ish), I didn't re-raise, and just called it down. With the $6 in there, I was getting 4:1 on my money, and who knows - maybe I was up against trip kings or two pair. Unfortunately for me, it was as I suspected - a K6o boat or something of the sort. Flopped two pair, turned the boat. Oh well - so much for the flopped flush. Doggone spades!

I made back that loss though over the next hour or so, and ended up leaving the 3 tables down 38 cents or something like that, and cleared another $5 in bonus money.

Last five bucks will probably be cleared Friday. Sob! Sob! What will I do??? I will miss it, dear free money.

Ahh well. My eyeballs are about to fall out of my skull. This week at work was unpleasant. (I'm being nice). Thank goodness my week is OVER! Awww yeah weekend!


  1. Bazkar said...
    As far as sucking your $$$ to Neteller and re-depositing it all depends on how quickly the site gets your money to your Neteller account. The Party skins are fast so I usually withdraw one night and re-deposit the next night or two nights later for a re-deposit bonus. I usually hear about an upcoming bonus so I pull out of that site when I hear about it and wait for the official word to make it less obvious I guess....not sure if it works or not:o)
    DuggleBogey said...
    Too fast can get your account frozen at Party Poker while they check out your transfers, which sucks.

    I usually wait a week between withdrawing and depositing at the same place.

    What you should do is sign up someplace like Absolute that is constantly running bonuses, so you can bounce between two or more different bonuses.

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