Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Well, I decided to take the $130 I have in Party Poker and move it to Empire to do their current 25% reload bonus. I know, the $32 in bonus money isn't much, but I figure, I might as well do what I can, right? (Now, the smart version of me probably woulda sucked some winnings out of Full Tilt to qualify for a bigger bonus at Empire, but... I'm not that smart yet).

So, I left $6 in my Party Poker account so I could play a quick $5 SnG this afternoon. Placed 3rd, so now I have $10! Woohoo!

Then, I sat in a $5 SnG on Full Tilt, because the $10 and $20 just wouldn't fill up. Snore... I get impatient waiting to play. The $5 table filled up, so I said what the hay. Placed 2nd there. Alrighty then!

Next I went looking for my friend Armando, thinking he might be playing. Sure enough, he's in a charity MTT on Full Tilt. Then what to my wandering eyes should appear? Armando sitting two seats away from Erik Seidel! Sweeeeet!!!!! Too cool. Erik was chatting with everyone and politely answered even the lamest of questions. He'd even throw out a "nice hand" on occasion. How cool to have Erik Seidel say "nh" to ya. I really dig the whole "play with the pro's" thing on Full Tilt. Very cool.

Then, I decided to play a $10 SnG on Full Tilt with a $.50/1.00 limit table going to try and get that next $10 of bonus money cleared. It started off as a -EV situation on the limit table, which was disheartening. Armando decided to come play for a bit after busting out of his tourney, so I decided to stick around. My patience paid off and I ended up +$18 on that table for the night. Also placed 3rd in the $10 SnG.

A profitable night on Full TIlt for me.

Now I'm sitting on Empire playing a couple limit tables. I just got my ass handed to me in a 3 way pot whereby I drew to a straight, caught it, and capped it all the way down to the river, completely oblivious to the higher straight possibility (which of course, I was up against). I didn't even see it. AT ALL! I was dumbfounded to lose - a good $10 or so on that hand, maybe more. That's what I get for two-tabling and writing this blog post at the same time. I was just completely not concentrating. And it cost me. So I'm down $14 on that table right now, but up $14 on the other table. I win the dumbass of the day award for that one.

Playing on Empire and Party today, I realize how much I miss the Poker Tracker and PlayerView heads-up statistics on players. I seem to be able to make much better decisions based on a players stats, rather than just a list of the hands they've shown down and in what position. I've also realized how truly annoying the sound and graphics are on Party and Empire. They're so much less sophisticated than FTP. And the software just seems to run more smoothly at Full Tilt. But man do I wish FTP supported hand histories.

Ahh well. Time to go wrap up on Empire and hit the hay.


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