Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Well, today I woke up with enough time to play 40 minutes of poker before getting ready for work. I pulled up 3 tables on Empire Poker and went to it. After a slow start, I managed to eradicate last night's $30 loss and pull a small profit (to the tune of five bucks). I have 40 hands left to play to clear my $32.50 bonus.

Most of the loss eradication occurred thanks to one of those "Only on Party..." types of hands. Man, do I love being able to play back hands in Poker Tracker. This won netted me a $23.75 win at the $.50/1.00 tables.

I'm holding AA on the button. Four limpers ahead of me. I raise to a buck. Small blind folds, big blind bumps it to $1.50. Three of the limpers call the $1.50, and I bump it to $2 when it gets back around to me. Everybody calls the raise, and we go to the flop 5-handed. Flop comes 5d-Ac-Qd. I'm holding the Ace of Diamonds, and now have a set of Aces. Big blind checks, first limper checks, second limper folds (??), third limper checks, and I bet .50 from the button. BB gets all tricky and pulls a check raise on me, raising to 1.00. One limper folds, the other calls the 1.00, and I raise to 1.50. BB caps it at 2.00, remaining limper calls, and I call. Turn comes the 4 of spades. If any of these goofy folks are holding 2-3, there's a straight possibility, but with all of the preflop action, I'm not too worried about it. Diamond draw is still out there, but I'm holding one diamond, so that's one less available. I'm pretty much liking my hand right now. BB bets out 1.00, limper calls, I raise to 2.00. BB raises to 3.00, limper calls, I cap it at 4.00, and everyone calls. River comes a K of clubs. No flush, but a J-10 may have caught a straight. With the pot at $29 right now, I'm set to ram and jam and hope my top set holds up. BB bets out 1.00, limper calls, I pop it to 2.00, and BB and limper both call.

Showdown time!

Me: AA for a set of Aces
BB: QQ for a set of Queens
Limper: Q6 for third pair with no flush or straight draw??

God bless Party! (Or, Empire, I suppose).

BB was pretty stung by the whole affair. There's no way I'd have been able to lay down a set of Queens, for sure. It had to hurt. $33.75 pot headed my way, twenty bucks of which was profit. Nice.

Now, I have to go to work. What a bummer of a way to end a fun little poker session! Tonight I hope to remain profitable and work off the rest of this bonus, and then transfer it back to Party (cuz I like my screen name better there!)


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