Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Placed 2nd in a cheapo $5 SnG this afternoon. I try not to play those so much, because the play is usually just atrocious, but neither the $10 nor $20 games had any people registered, and after waiting a few minutes, impatience got to me and I registered for the $5 game.

Once half the table of all-in-with-nothing jokers knocked themselves out, it became one of the longest $5 SnG's of all times. Not necessarily because the play was stellar - it was good, except for one habitual bluffer who liked to show down his feats. He dropped the hammer three times for a preflop raise and subsequent wins - I almost asked if he was a blogger in disguise. I was thinking that he might be trying for some advertising, but even the winning hands he showed down were luck and not quality play. I ended up heads up with this guy, and we went back and forth. With his lucky catches, I just couldn't finish him off, and eventually pushed and lost.

I would have been profitable if that was all I did today, but I managed to lose $25 at the limit $/50/1.00 tables. They've been AWFUL to me the last week or two. All of my profits are coming from SnG's and MTT's. Odd.

My question now: do I stick to the NL tourneys for a while? Or just suck it up at the limit tables along with my occasional SnG play, and chalk it up to variance? Or, do I take another stab at the NL cash tables? I can't tell if I need a change of pace, or am just in a little downswing on the limit tables. Maybe I'll just play a few SnG's for a bit.

Ahhh well. Time to go to work (booooooo!) It's 78 degrees here in Chicago (unseasonably warm), but nice enough to be the first day this season that I drive to work with the top down, woohoo!


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