Friday, June 10, 2005

I've just risen from slumber (still on Vegas time, I think) and am completely engrossed in the fantastic live WSOP event coverage going on at Pauly's WSOP Live Poker Blog and Poker Prof's 2005 World Series of Poker News site. The coverage is so good that I almost feel like I'm there... minus the rest of Vegas.

Moment of silence as I mourn the miles between dear Vegas and I...

Seriously though - if you're jonesing for some poker coverage, Pauly, Prof, and Flipchip are putting up the best stuff around, complete with play-by-play and photos to drool over. They are my new heroes for posting pics of Phil Gordon and Jennifer Harman, two of my favorite people to look at.


  1. PokerProf said...
    Thanks for the shout out :) much appricated can't wait till the next gathering.
    Pauly said...
    Thanks for the pimpage.

    Great posts so far!

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