Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Home is SO not Vegas.

Flight got in at 1am this morning, but due to odd Vegas hours, I was up till 4am. Slept a good 11 hours, nursing this insane cold I caught in Vegas. I'm almost positive I caught it on the plane, on the way there.

I have written up the first 2 days of my trip report (wrote them on the laptop in Vegas), but am so tired that even getting the laptop out to retrieve and post them is a chore. I think I will crash out tonight (much like vegetable), and try and get something substantial posted tomorrow.

The trip was awesome. It was way too short - I didn't get to hang out with even half the people I'd wanted to. Not enough time. I'm already counting the days till the next blogger bash. (When is it?)

Off to crash. More to come.


  1. Easycure said...
    I remember meeting you but not really getting to talk to you....I will do better next time. Damn that WSOP distracting me so!
    peacecorn said...
    It was great meeting you in Vegas, Shelly!
    Shelly said...
    LOL it's Gracie in disguise!

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