Wednesday, June 15, 2005

WPBT Aladdin Classic, Vegas 2005: Afterthoughts

A week+ after arriving home, I'm still enjoying reading all of the Vegas trip reports. I think the coolest part about the trip reports is reading what happened in the lives of all of the people I didn't get a chance to hang out with during our blogger weekend. Of course, it's also hella cool to check out the stories from bloggers that I did hang out with, to read their takes on various events that we shared. It was one phenomenal weekend. I hope to do it again soon.

With so much going on all over the place, it's definitely impossible to spend time with everybody. I mean - there were probably close to a hundred of us there in Vegas altogether! I got to meet, hang out with, and/or play cards with some awesome people. There were people on my list of must-hang's that I rarely crossed paths with (next time, Head's!), and people I got to hang out with that I hadn't had in my blogroll (I do now!) Somehow I managed to miss Maudie the entire weekend! I think I saw her at the Storming of the Castle at Excalibur Friday night, but wasn't sure if it was her, and in my [oober-dumb] shyness, couldn't bring myself to ask. A definite missed opportunity there.

If I could have changed anything, I'd have arrived on Thursday. I met Felicia in passing but would have loved more time to chat with her. I missed out on checking out the WSOP at the Rio, having arrived late on Friday evening. Those are two big things I'd have been able to do, if I arrived Thursday instead of late Friday. Next time….

For some reason, I also wish I'd played poker at the Golden Nugget. I'm very glad, though, that April (Texas) talked me into playing for a bit at MGM. Nicest poker room I've ever seen (though I am admittedly green to poker rooms, having only played now at MGM, Excalibur, the Plaza, Aladdin, and the Palms).

One note I've made to myself for next time is to buy a stash of Diet Dr Pepper for the hotel room. It's my favorite and I had a hard time finding it in Vegas - though CVS did have it.

I can only imagine that the wonderful group known as us bloggers will continue to grow and grow. As future WPBT events pass, the experience will grow larger than life. I only hope that our great "not an asshole amongst us" tradition can continue, and I can continue to get to know the rest of you on my blogroll. I've thoroughly enjoyed the company of everybody I've met so far.

Speaking of - if you've got AOL or Yahoo Instant Messenger, let me know - I have both and would be glad to swap screen names. Just drop a comment or an email (I'd rather not post them here).

Here's to the WPBT Aladdin Classic, June 2005 - and many more great events to come!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Next time Shelly - for sure! 8^)
    Joanada said...
    We used to be able to buy Diet Dr. Pepper here too, but I can't find it anymore. :( Whenever I go to the States I always look for it.
    Unknown said...
    I'm shipping my wife's Diet Dr. Pepper up to Canada today. She drinks too much of that stuff.
    April said...
    Yes, Vegas is seriously lacking in Dr. Pepper.

    What y'all really need is the original recipe Dr. Pepper, made with Imperial Sugar, which you can only get from one bottling plant in Dublin, TX. It is soooo good...

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