Monday, June 20, 2005

On the road again.... I'm writing this from lovely Springfield, Illinois - capital city of this great state. It's a very unspectacular city. Kind of run down, it seems - though I haven't ventured far outside of downtown.

I'm back to grinding away at the micro tables on Full Tilt. If I manage to make a comeback from five bucks... I dunno - I'll laugh :) And be happy! Right now I'm sitting at a $.05/.10 NL table, and a $5 SnG. Going OK so far. I'm 2/5 in chips in the SnG and up five bucks on the cash table. Maybe another half hour, and I hit the hay. With all of the travel and work insanity of the last 3 weeks, I'm just exhausted!

No real poker revelations to speak of. I still want to play more live poker. I want to go to Trump in Indiana. Soon.

[time lapse]

Woohoo! I'm up to $39.40 LOL!!!

Placed 2nd in the SnG - heads up FOR-EV-ER. I came back from the felt to a slight chip lead, and blinded down a bit. This guy was completely ridiculous - every time I told myself, "eff it" and called him down with 2nd pair, he was completely bluffing! I should have pushed even harder because he was passive on top of it when bet into. I nailed him on the final hand - I flopped 2nd pair of 9's with my Q9o, and he pushed after the flop. I called him, and sure enough, he was bluffing like all crazy hell. Too bad he had two hearts, and one had flopped. He hit the runner-runner love cards to beat me, and that was that. I'll take 2nd though. Money is good.

Well, I'm off to veg. Waking up at 7am sucks! I'm so not a morning person...


  1. April said...
    I had to get up at 7am today and it sucked. Probably have to get up early all week. Of course I need the money but it still sucks.
    Easycure said...
    I'm old. I get up at 5am during the week and sleep in 'til 7AM on the weekends. In Vegas, twice I was up before 7AM. What the hell is wrong with me?
    Unknown said...
    Waking up at 7am???

    I've already been working for an hour :)

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