Monday, December 26, 2005

What would you do?

I'm going to leave out most of the information regarding reads I had on my opponents. If you care to respond, please explain what you'd do and why. I'll update with my reads and what really happened.

You're at Trump in the 2/5 $200 max NL game. You've got about 4x the max buy-in in front of you (800). A tilting short-stacked player limps ahead of you (his stack: <75). class="tags">Filed Under:


  1. BadBlood said...
    Great question.

    The real question is, are you putting the big stack on AA? Does he push all-in pre-flop with that in an attempt to win $37 (your $25, tilt man's $5 and $7 in blinds)?

    If he's a good player, the answer is no.

    If he's not so good, the possibility does exist.

    I'd probably call, thinking he had AK, QQ or JJ.
    Mr Subliminal said...
    For me, this is a clear fold. There is no need in putting the BB on a range of hands nor for any EV calculations. With only $25 invested in the pot, great confidence in my post-flop playing ability, and all the time in the world, I don't feel the need to risk my entire stack (four buy-ins) no matter what he's holding. And while I said before there's no need for any hand reading here, for the BB to risk $800 pre-flop there is a good chance that he has AA. But even if he has 93o, good luck to him. To be honest with you, I wouldn't even be interested in knowing what he had. This ain't no tournament. I'm folding. Next hand.

    Of course if I only had $200 (one buy-in) in front of me, I would insta-call.
    Slayre said...
    I would fold, laugh out loud at the all in raiser and dismiss the shortstack, if I had not done so already.
    alan said...
    Your reasoning is interesting, Mr. Subliminal. What if you had AA? Is there still no need to risk your whole stack with only $25 invested? You would be sure you had the best hand. Would you not make the call there as at least a 4:1 favorite?

    Now, when you hold KK, if you're sure he doesn't have AA, what do you do? If he has an ace, your advantage isn't as great as with AA, but it's still the same sort of situation.

    I'd take a 4:1 or 3:1 shot at doubling up any day. That said, there is a chance here he does have AA, and I'd probably fold, unless I had some information about the big blind.
    Mr Subliminal said...

    Absent any other concrete information, this is an automatic fold for me. The last person I want to tangle with is the other large stack, unless of course I'm certain that I have a substantial advantage. So yes, I'd call in a heartbeat if I had AA. And if he showed 66, I'd call with 77. But here, I muck the kings, face down and very quickly.
    Unknown said...
    What's up with the $800 bet into such a small pot?

    My call/fold would be player/prior betting theme dependent.
    zanthir said...
    He may have a good hand (QQ, JJ, AQs, etc). If he does, he may be hoping you call, thinking you have a worse than him (AQ, KQs, TT). You should call, if you're a gambling man. He would be suprised to see you turn over KK (assuming you've been betting your hand so far). You could teach him a lesson, win some money, and maybe even earn some respect.

    Anyways, it's too big of a bet to think he really wants any action, unless he can see strait though you.
    G-Rob said...
    I dunno.

    I hafta admit it's awfully hard for me to make any decision without ALL THE OTHER INFORMATION.

    I like Blood's analysis, but I think we've all seen the guy who plays aces this way at some tables given the assumption that SOME DONKEY WILL CALL.

    How long had you played at the table?

    How long had he?

    Obviously you've both been there awhile with those stacks. YOU MUST HAVE OTHER INFORMATION!

    That bet into that pot is outrageous but I DO think playing with this guy a few hours would tell me if he plays aces that way.

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