Saturday, December 31, 2005

Congrats to Facty, who took down a huge prize by placing 3rd in a $10 MTT on Stars last night (800 or so entrants). That's awesome, girl! I witnessed some bold, fearless moves from Facty to revive an early short chipstack, and from then on she was a machine. A woman on a mission. A poker terminator.

Phear Phacty.

There are also congrats due to Alan, though I didn't stay up late enough to see how high in the money he finished. Hey Alan - you don't get to go in the title with Facty because the truth of the matter is, playing a deep stacks LIMIT tournament is FREAKING INSANE. I do, however, hope that your prize was worth the likely 10 hours you put into playing that tourney! Holy cow. You're a nutcase, for sure. You and Maigrey both.

My condolences to Maigrey, who suffered a horrible beat to cripple her chipstack in that same tourney. It looked something like the Hiltons flopping a set, then the Cowboys turning a set of their own. Unfortunately, Maigrey held the bitches and not the boys.

Here's a screenshot of my 1337 railbirding skills (including me and Austin April playing in the same MTT that Facty pwned. Unfortunately, April busted right before I snapped the capture. She should have been in the top left window).

Can you spot the bloggers in this picture?

Proper Railbirding

And that is how I spent my evening last night.

This afternoon's plan include a trip to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients to make Girl Scout Thin Mint Wannabe cookies to bring to the New Year's Eve bash at my cousin's house. I will ring in the new year with Randy, my cousin Kevin and his lovely wife Tracy, my brother and his wife (the coolest chick in the world - yes, my brother married my childhood best friend. How cool is that? Now she's my sister! In law, anyway), and a few other friends.

I wish everybody a SAFE and happy celebration tonight. Here's to making 2006 your best year yet!

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