Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas break is so great. (I'm a teacher). After going mock-2 for the past four months, I'm loving the absolute nothingness of my first week off. I'm done with my holiday shopping, and all of the gifts are wrapped.

Finally, I can play in a WWdN Thursday Night Homegame!

I teach all night classes, so I usually miss out on the online blogger tourneys during the week. Not this time! Woohoo!

I've decided that for now, all of my online poker play will be NL tourneys and SnG's. I do not do well in online cash games. I have this tendency to think that everyone is bluffing me, therefore causing me to make crying calls at pots I should give up. I also have a tendency to push too hard with my hands, trying to just will them to win. That doesn't work. In tourneys, however, I don't usually have that problem. So, instead of giving my money away online like a Guppy, I will stick to what I do decently profitably online, and leave the cash games for Trump.

Speaking of, I'll probably head to Trump Friday night, and if I don't, Xmas night is a definite. Maybe both. :)

I'm on PokerStars right now if anyone is around... I've also got my Yahoo Messenger up - hellaholdem is the name.

Hasta for now...


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