Friday, December 23, 2005

So, I played in the WWdN Thursday night homegame on Poker Stars last night. Aces held up early for me, but I was cold-decked from there on out, and went out 21st out of the 40-something participants.

Then, I won a five dollar turbo NL SnG. Wheeee!

Right now, I'm railbirding my friend EddieJ76 as he plays in the Stars $5 rebuy tourney. I've got a little turbo SnG of my own fired up, and the Flyers will be on TV in half an hour. I have plans to head out for a late-night romp in the sack with Trump Casino, and it's Christmas weekend.

Good times, good times.

Let's live-blog my evening, shall we?

It's 6:04pm and Eddie's got 5800 in chips, and is doing great. I just folded 55 preflop to an all-in raise and a call. Both opponents had AK, and a 5 flopped. Oh well.

6:13pm: I've taken the chip lead with 4 left in this little 6-handed NL SnG. Semi-bluffed a passive player out of a pot where I had bottom pair 10's with an open ended straight draw on the smart side.

6:16pm: I've got the Ottawa Senators game on while waiting for the Flyers to come on. (Gotta watch our biggest competition...) Thank goodness I did not start DiPietro in my fantasy hockey league. He's already down 2 goals to Ottawa, and the game just started!

Oooh I have JJ...

6:19pm: Wheeee! JJ held up vs A-To. No idea why the guy ahead of me went all in with that - he wasn't short stacked. Yay for me! One more till the money. I just took a nice pot with a suited hammer. Sweet.

6:24pm: Eddie took a hit - ran into two pair. He's down to 2900, then lost with his fave hand. Rebuy!

6:28pm: Ed triples up with an Ace high flush. I, on the ohte rhand, am not doing so well. I pushed too hard with 2nd pair, then didn't have the balls to follow through with it and folded after committing half my stack to the pot. I'm 2nd out of 3 in chips, but still... bah.

6:31pm: Oooh I'm in the money - heads up!

6:34pm: Finished in 2nd place. Pushed all in with my pocket 6's against A2o. An ace flopped. A deuce turned for a little twist of the knife, and the river was not even curvacious like a 6.

Oh well! Money is money. Ed's on break. This live-blogging is tough. I think I need a break!

6:39pm: OK, no break for me. I'm in a 6-handed $12 SnG on Stars. Ed just started round 2 of the $5 rebuy tourney.

6:44pm: We're down to 5. I folded a hammer preflop to a raise. I'm such a wuss.

6:46pm: GAGNE SCORES! Flyers 1, Penguins 0.

6:51pm: I've doubled up when my opponent slowplayed his flopped trip 9's. He gave me a free card that completed my open-ended straight draw with J-9 of hearts, and I took all but 70 of his chips on the river. He just got knocked out, and we're down to 4. I'm chip leader, barely.

6:53pm: If the Flyers win tonight, they could move into 1st place in the division. Yeah, baby!

6:56pm: Flyers score! Peter the Great, I think it was. (Forsberg) Flyers 2, Pens 0.

7:00pm: Ed's hanging about the same. I'm 1st out of 4 in my SnG, and just made a big move to win a pot I probably wouldn't have won otherwise. I'm not sure where my guts came from! I just had a feeling my opponent would fold. It was funny - I changed my mind mid-play. I checked on the turn after being the aggressor throughout the hand, when the turn brought a 2nd overcard to my pair of 6's. My opponent min-bet, and it just smelled of "I'm representing that ace that fell but I really don't have it." I raised big, and he thought for a while, then folded.

7:07pm: Down to 3. I'm 2nd in chips. Lost some cash with a bad slow-play of QQ heads-up. He had AK and rivered the K. Ed's still around 9k chips.

7:14pm: Went out in 3rd putting a semi-bluff on a moron who button-raised every single round. My flush draw didn't hit, nor did my overcard Ace, and his K4 offsuit won the pot with a King onboard.

Let's try a $15+1 Turbo NL hold'em SnG, full table.

7:26pm: Tons of action. One guy out. I'm folding a lot of junk. Intermission in the hockey game. Bored. Surfing the web while folding. Ed's stack hasn't changed. I just raised preflop with 10's. Nobody called.

7:28pm. If I get 2-5 offsuit one more time, I might scream. Period 2 is starting. Penguins on a power play. How about a nice Flyers shorthanded goal? They're 2nd in the league with those, ya know.

7:31pm: Lots of Aces for me tonight. That's the 3rd time. None have made it to showdown (meaning all have held up for me, for small pots). I just got a guy all in and had him totally dominated, until the river outkicked us both on a paired board, and we split the pot.

Ed's been blinded down to 7k or so.

7:33pm: Woohooo! Another Flyers goal.

7:35pm: I'm out. Outkicked with QJ vs QK, top pair Queens, then my futile all-in-with-a-suited-Ace went against QJ and KK. KK won it.

That's enough online poker for me. Time to go watch the Flyers. Good luck, Ed!

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  1. Ed said...
    Ed Didnt catch a card for 2 and a half hours.....what can thou do.....make a move with QJ suited....vs AJo Q on the flop...A on the turn....lights out....oh well....:) guess ill wait to win until monday...merry christmas all!

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