Saturday, December 17, 2005

Feel free to steal this template for your own WPBT Winter Classic 2005 Vegas Tidbits post:

  • Coolest blogger I met that I hadn't read before: Falstaff from Poker Stage
  • Number of blogs added to the blogroll as a result of this trip: 4
  • Funniest moment of the trip: Playing Vegas Hold'em and watching April kick major junk at MGM Sunday night
  • Funniest moment I heard about but did not actually witness or participate in: Trumpjosh - spilling a beer in his own face
  • Luckbox Award: CJ, of course
  • Best meal of the trip: Frosted Flakes
  • Worst meal of the trip: Probably the IP buffet, but it wasn't really that bad. Mediocre.
  • Most +EV game played: Video poker and 1/2 NLHE
  • Worst -EV game played: 4/8 limit hold'em
  • Best card protector I saw: Alan's Hammer or Factgirl's ... ummm... pink thing. AlCantHang's SoCo bottles were also classic
  • Blogger who looked most different than I expected: G-Rob. I forgot what he looked like and it was still not what I expected.
  • Blogger I wish I'd spent more time with: Eva. Damn cool chick. Or DonkeyPuncher.
  • Favorite drink on the trip: Captain Morgan and 7-2 errr I mean 7-Up
  • Gambling net result for the trip: + $335

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