Saturday, March 05, 2005

So I skipped the trip to Borders and fed another $50 into the poker machine called Party Poker. My rationale?

1. I'm still in the process of reading Dan Harrington on Hold'em. Why buy more books when I'm still in progress with one? Though I'd love to bring another one or two with me to Vegas. (As if I'll be lounging around reading poker books, as opposed to being educated at the tables).

2. I was able to run to the bank and deposit $40 cash - sort of like "found" money (part from last night's game at the House of the Jack Hammer, and part from an ATM withdraw the other night that I unexpectedly didn't spend). So - since I had already mentally spent that money, it's like free money, right?

3. I couldn't let a bad beat be my last play-related post before Vegas!

I know, I'm stretching things a bit. But hey. I firmly believe I'm playing a solid game right now, and will not be discouraged by a little bad luck. I thought about not playing online until Vegas, and I really don't want to do that. My mind is clicking very well right now when I'm "on," particularly regarding pot odds, and I want to keep that going. Practice practice practice.

I've probably done more math in my head since I started playing poker than in my entire life combined. My grade school teachers would be proud.

I'm taking a break right now from the tables, while cooking up a couple corn dogs for dinner. (I'm a health nut).

I decided to take my fresh $50 and sit down at a couple $.50/1.00 limit tables. Grind it out with the fishies. I had debated sitting down with the whole nut at a $1/2 table, and opted for the more conservative approach. I two-tabled it for an hour and a half (another thing I'm getting better at - multiple tables... OK fine, I can only handle 2 at a time right now, but I'm impressed with myself!)

My win rate between the two tables: about 4.5 BB/hour. I'm up $12 woohoo!

I'll take it.

D'oh - oven is beeping. Corn dog goodness is ready for consumption!

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  1. Human Head said...
    I love your logic on #2, I think exactly the same way.

    One other thing I thought of yesterday while at the bookstore looking at poker books I thought I would pass along JIC...why am I not buying these used?

    Even though new poker books are nice, I found I can save nearly $10/book if I get them used off of amazon.

    Good luck on your trip!

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