Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Playing with idiots is no fun.

There's this thing called pot odds - one of the most wonderful things about playing no-limit poker. When you have a good hand but want to protect your hand from potential draws, you can manipulate the pot odds by betting in such a manner that it would be a mistake, statistically, for your opponent to call you. If your opponent has 4:1 odds against hitting his draw, make sure the pot isn't giving him anywhere near that amount.

It works like a charm, except when your opponent has no idea what "pot odds" means, and thinks that a 5 high flush with a connected 4 would be the nuts if it hit. It's such a good hand even that it's worth calling a preflop raise of 4x the big blind.

Then it does hit, and knocks out top two pair, and idiot over there looks like a genius.

Don't bother looking for me on FTP tonight - I lasted all of 19 minutes in that tournament. Just not my day.


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