Saturday, March 05, 2005

My Presto Bad Beat
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This is not a bad beat story, but a bad beat picture. I'm almost proud - I've run a lot of hands through the Bad-Beat-o-Meter, and have never actually had one that budged too far on the meter.

Finally, a soul-crushing beat!

I'm now T-minus another $50 Party reload, and debating between going to Borders to buy the new Super System 2 and a Sklansky book, or sticking another fifty bucks into the poker machine.

I've decided something based on the last few weeks of play, and my analysis of my play. Correct me if I'm wrong - feedback appreciated.

I think that maybe I should switch back to playing limit in the ring-game arena. Honestly I prefer playing tourneys (or seem to have a higher win rate at them, anyway), but I really love playing the ring games. I don't know why exactly.

But, since most of my big-money losses in the ring games have been on single misplays of big hands, or suckouts, maybe if I play limit for a bit, I'll limit the amount I can lose on the big suckouts.

I think that is my move. That, and hopefully coming home from Vegas with enough money to reload Party with a few hundred bucks instead of fifty. Right now, I'm just killing time and trying not to spend/lose too much cash before the trip.

Six days till Vegas!!


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