Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Last night yielded some more fun on Full Tilt. One strangely nice thing about playing the ring games there is that you get to know the handful of people pretty quickly, as opposed to the larger sites where you're guaranteed to sit down at a table of strangers unless you seek out opponents you're already familiar with. I ran into Human Head at the $.50/1.00 limit tables last night. He informed me that in fact, SnG's do count towards clearing bonuses at FTP. I'd been avoiding them in error. I may have to try some.

Right now, I'm sitting at the computer on Spring Break from work, sucking on a cherry Halls mentho-lyptus. I've acquired some sort of illness that seems to have originated in my throat. The advanced vapor action of the Halls is oh-so-wonderfully soothing. I only feel half-crappy, so it makes for a lovely day to sit and play poker online.

My goals for today:

1. Clear another $2 worth of my bonus at FTP to reach my first $10.
2. Crack the $200 mark in my FTP account - something I've never done before. I have about $20 to go.

We'll see how it goes....


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