Saturday, March 26, 2005

What should I do today? Play poker, or be a responsible student/employee/freelancer?

Hmmm. Today is my last day of spring break from work. I'm not counting Sunday due to all of the Easter festivities I will be partaking in. Here's how my list of things to do by Monday looks:

1. Write a 12 page paper for the class I'm taking towards my Masters degree. One more class left. Almost done. August can't come soon enough!

2. Work on some web site coding for my side business.

3. Work on some scheduling and administrative stuff for a new side venture I'm involved with, opening up a new computer training center near my house.

4. Grade all of the midterm exams that are still sitting in my car from when I left work last Thursday.

:( I wanna play poker!

Well, I think I'm going to go work on the paper, considering I haven't even started it, and the first draft is due Monday. The web coding is somewhat on hold, waiting for the server tech to respond to me with a fix for a configuration error on the web server, and I doubt he'll get back to me before Monday. The scheduling and whatnot takes a backseat to the paper, and technically I can grade my midterms at work on Monday, I suppose.

That's the plan.

In poker news... yesterday was another "up" day for me, albeit only slightly. I'm up to $265 in my Full Tilt account - up 1.65x my original buy-in. I've cleared $30 of my bonus LOL! It's so painfully slow to clear that I actually attempted 3-tabling yesterday. Unfortunately my third table broke up too quickly to notice an effect on any increased bonus clearing speed. I played in three $10 SnG's: busted in one, and placed 3rd in two. The rest of my time was spent at the $.50/1.00 limit tables. TexansBaby sought me out and I hung with her for a while, but that was during my 3-table attempt and I missed her exit.

I'd really love to set a goal for myself that I'd hit the $300 mark on FTP by Monday, but with my grueling task list, I'm not sure I'll have much poker time this weekend. It's not that the things on my list are hard to do, just time consuming. Bah.

In happier news, today I am finally feeling like I have turned the corner of my cold/flu/whatever-this-was illness and might be almost healthy. With any luck, I'm a couple days away from being 100%. I'm feeling better than I've felt all week (seems like an eternity) which is good, because I have a ton of stuff to get done!!

Happy weekend, everybody!


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