Friday, March 04, 2005

I'm a Good Player, woohooo!

(No, I'm a big dork, that's what I am).

After losing that last little bit of free money I had in PokerStars tonight, and after getting through the first half of the Poker Tracker Guide, I'm now working through the second half of the guide: analyzing my opponents' play.

In comparing the auto-rate rules that Iggy and HDouble have come up with to my own, I decided that I like theirs a bit better. They are more descriptive. For example, my entire lineup of icons had pre-flop and post-flop ratings ("Loose-Passive-Passive," "Tight-Aggressive-Passive," etc), but that was it. The ratings in the PTG are more descriptive, particularly in wording the players that over-play their hands, or are solid (able to show down winning hands and lay down losers). An example rating from the PTG: "Tight Aggressive Overplayer," versus "Tight Aggressive Solid." Wow - no extra thinking involved there. I can tell exactly who I'm up against, as opposed to reading "Tight Aggressive Aggressive," which doesn't tell me squat about how easy or hard the person is to push off a hand. (Funny, wasn't I just talking about that?)

Anyway, I decided to try out the PTG auto-rate rules. I ran them on my database, and:

I'm a good player! Wooohoooo!

LOL. I come up as a green moneybag, "Good Player (Tight Aggressive Solid)."

Thanks, Poker Tracker Guide! You've made my night (even though I have less than a dollar combined now in all of my online poker accounts.... saving my $$ for Vegas....)

Speaking of: it's after midnight - SEVEN DAYS TILL VEGAS!!!


Holy CRAP! I never knew you could export player notes from Poker Tracker to Party Poker/Empire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This e-book just paid for itself. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Iggy and HDouble!!

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