Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Well, I turned last night's $36 into $21 today on PokerStars. D'oh! I've decided that PS is no longer shark infested, and is in fact much like Party with regards to all the lil' guppies and minnows. At least in the $10 SnG's and $25NL tables.

Suckout after suckout rained down on me at the $25NL table today and I dropped twenty bucks, after being marginally profitable for an hour or so. Then I sat down to another $10+1 SnG, and managed to place third. I had a very nice chip lead going into 3-handed play, and made one of those "damn, that was a stupid call" calls. My AK flopped a K, with 2 rags on board. I fired out a pot sided bet (after having raised pre-flop and been called), and got re-raised double the pot. Something should have smelled fishy; my opponent was a very weak player - not passive, per se, but folded easily. His call of my raise, followed by a re-raise, should have been enough for me to fold. I think I had chip-lead-itis. "Awww heck, I have plenty of chips - CALL!" He had pocket fours and had hit trips on the flop. D'oh!

Ahhh well. I'm just killing time till Vegas anyway :) 9 days till Vegas, woohooo!!!

I was checking out hotel/airfare prices for the WPBT trip in June, and have decided that if I'm going to be able to afford to make that trip, I will have to win it in Vegas next weekend. I have another October Vegas trip already committed to, and I'm not one of those wealthy types. So you'll all have to wish me huge amounts of luck next weekend if you want to see me at the WPBT in June!

Speaking of not being wealthy, it's time to head to work... I've put it off as long as I possibly can. *sigh*


  1. Heafy said...
    I don't think that was such a bad call with the AK. Many times in those $10 SNG i find once the bubble is past, players will go all in with 2nd pair or draws. Everybody losens up once money is guaranteed. Having said that, your post-play analysis is spot on. Good luck in Vegas!
    Shelly said...
    Thanks, Heafy! I found your blog and linked ya up. :)

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