Friday, March 04, 2005

I just finished reading Helixx's tale of his February Vegas trip. It has me so riled up that I want to go NOW! Patience, young grasshopper.... seven days to wait.

In exactly one week and four minutes from now, Randy and I will be taxiing towards the airstrip for takeoff out of Chicago to glorious Las Vegas.

So - I'm hoping that some of you Vegas Veterans can help me out. I'm in the process of scouring Google for reviews of Vegas card rooms, but I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have. I'm looking for small stakes tournaments and cash games. To give you an idea of my stakes... I'm bringing $1,000 with me, and it has to last me 4 days.

We're staying Friday through Monday (March 11-14) at the Westin just off the strip. Mid-strip from what I'm told - near Bally's.

Food suggestions welcomed as well! (Mmmm food, good...)


  1. DieDown said...
    This is the best source I've found on LV poker.
    Good luck!
    Anonymous said...
    I visit the above site, and take a printout from the following site, prior to Vegas poker binges:

    Lists a bunch of the low-limit rooms up front, then does an A-Z on each room's specs.

    Safe journey and large luck!
    Gary said...
    You didn't say where you were staying, which makes a difference in recommending rooms, both for cash games and tourneys. Also, from what you wrote I'd assume you'll be arriving Friday and leaving Monday.

    Stardust has a nice, $40 freezout at 10 a.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but if you're leaving Monday that's not much help. I like the Stardust poker room for $3-$6 hold'em and a good mix of locals (to test your mettle) and tourists (to give chips away).

    For $60 (plus $10 plus 1 $40 rebuy), the Plaza downtown has tournaments at noon, 4 p.m., 8 p.m. and midnight. Orleans has two tourneys a day, including some limit hold'em and omaha 8, check their website for schedule. If you're on the Strip, you can catch a shuttle from Barbary Coast to get a free ride to Orleans.

    Also downtown, Binion's tourneys are great, 3 a day (including 2 a.m.).

    Hope this helps.
    Shelly said...
    We're staying just off the strip at the Westin - front entrance of Westin is across the street from the side entrance of Ballys. So, mid-strip.
    Gary said...
    That's perfect for catching the shuttle at Barbary Coast for Orleans (don't think there's a set schedule, they just keep coming and going). Tourneys are noon and 7 p.m. You might have to copy/paste the link into your browser, but this link might just take you to the schedule of different games and buy-ins:

    Bally's has a small poker room now, too. No tournaments, to my knowledge. Alladin is within walking distance and may have some tournaments. Have fun.

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