Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Whew! Randy and I are back from Vegas, and I'm depressed. It is cold and poker-less here in Chicago. Well, there are the casinos over the border in Indiana, and I hear the local Empress Casino has a new poker room, but still. It ain't Vegas.

I'm happy to report that we both came home losing only half of our spending money, but simultaneously disappointed to admit that we both came home losing half of our spending money. At any rate, it was a blast, and I nearly had tears in my eyes watching the Strip lights disappear out of site through the airplane window last night.

My first run at casino poker was great fun. We played oober-low limit: $2/4 at Aladdin and the Palms, $1/3 spread limit (interesting game) at Excaliber, and a couple cheapo tournaments at Luxor (those pretty much sucked). Detailed write-up to come. I ended up losing an average of $6/hour total over the 20 or so hours we played poker, though in reality I broke even on Saturday and Monday, while losing my ass on Sunday. The only way I could have loved it more, though, was if I was winning mad cash! It was a damn good time. Randy took the fishies at Excaliber for a good $150 profit in a few hours - that was fun to watch.

Anyhooo - time for bed. Flight came in at 4:00am this morning, and I slept for a few hours before work. My sleep schedule is all messed up - 2 more days to work this week, then spring break! Just wanted to let ya's know we made it home, in case you were wondering :)

Hey - anybody going to the WPBT tourney in Vegas in June? I'm having trouble finding a cheap flight. What sites did ya book through??


  1. on_thg said...
    I've just been shopping flights, but from Chicago, Southwest had the most attractive fares -- you have to go through their website -- if you can be a little flexible on when you go. America West was also pretty inexpensive. Haven't found a charter outfit that flies out of Chicago, but that would be another option.

    I'm probably going to end up flying Allegiant out of Lansing, MI. Happy hunting!
    Maudie said...
    I used - the cities they book out of for flights are limited, but if you can't get a flight, you can at least get your hotel booked. I got my room at the plaza for about $56 a night (arrive thurs. depart sun.)
    JohnnyHarp said...

    nice site, my first time here.

    I booked it using expedia due to flight limitations, but priceline is by far the best deal if you want hotel-airfare combo. Unless you find something better, in which case let me know!

    I'll bookmark you and check in, maybe see you in Vegas!
    Unknown said...
    Hit up Worryfreevacations. Me and the wife got 4 days plus air for $600 at the Plaza (a.k.a. the epicenter of the AlCantHang hurricane).

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