Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ooooohhhh my GOD it's been DAYS since I've played poker!!! Work has been insanely busy. The beginning of a new semester always is... As I drove home tonight, all I could think about was getting home and playing me some poker. Drain the brain of anything work related and play some cards.

I logged into Empire and picked a nice fishy .50/1.00 table (all you high-rollers must laugh in hysterics). Sat down, watched a few orbits go by. Lost five bucks on AK - I hit the aces, but lost to pocket 4's that hit trips on the river. (Considering I was bet/raising on every street, and the board flopped all paint and my Ace, wtf was this guy calling for?? Oh yeah, he was a fish....) I tried to get into it, really. Played a few hands, won a few pots.

Just couldn't get my poker groove on. And my eyelids are drooooping, so I did something I don't always have the willpower to do. I logged off.

Times like this, I'll find myself saying "I'll just play till I win my X dollars back, then I'll quit... all the while fighting sleep or boredom or whatever. It's a horrible state of mind to play cards in, and in that state, I typically end up giving away my buyin and then leaving the table broke. Ya just can't play good cards if your heart and mind aren't in it - unless you're winning pots with zero effort and catching cards like a madman - and even then, I'm not sure it can be done. Ya gotta be in the game.

I myself am so dog tired right now that the game might as well be tiddleywinks. I just can't do it. So it's off to bed with me!

Oh - I finished Phil Gordon's book last night. I know I ragged on it in one of my early posts (having only seen it briefly in the book store), but... oh man. I loved it. He cracks me the hell up! I plan to write a little review of it. Coming soon, I promise.


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