Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What is it about 4 nines....

that made me think everybody was bluffing me??

Hmm intersting phenomenon. But after losing $15 with top 2 pair to a turn-river'd quad nines, I just re-raised the rest of my money away! That was my night at the 6-handed 25NL table (something else new to me). Not sure if I liked it or not. Back when I used to play on PokerStars, I preferred short-handed tables to full ones. On Party, I dunno - I think maybe I like the full ones better. Or maybe the 9's are getting to me.

I have to laugh - it didn't have a tilt "essense" to it but what else could it have been? I was chatting away and having a wonderful time, in a pleasant mood - that doesn't sound like tilting? It didn't feel like it? But where did all my money go? On dumb plays! That devil on my shoulder going, "He doesn't have it... re-raise!" LOL. Silly rabbit.

Oh well. I'm just skipping around gleeful tonight because after last night's win at the mini-Diamond game, I have enough money saved up to officially book my Vegas trip. AND, almost all of my share of the trip is being paid with poker winnings. If I emptied my online accounts it would be 100% but that is just CRAZY TALK. Besides, I still have 2 months to win all of my spending money.

Happy dance, happy dance! I'm booking it tomorrow morning (or I guess, this morning, it being after midnight). Hooorah!

I'll just have to win back my 4-nines-induced -30 bucks tomorrow night :)


  1. Unknown said...
    Always fear the nines. I usually bet em like aces :)
    SirFWALGMan said...
    Damn 9's! Cost me a fortune too!
    SirFWALGMan said...
    Hey you ever up for some Freelance PHP work? Just wondering. A client of mine is doing a site and might need some PHP possibly.
    Shelly said...
    I'm always up for freelance PHP work - pass him my email addy :)

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