Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I just thought of something (it must be a moment of clarity in between Nyquil/Dayquill doses): I wonder what the table makeups are of the low-limit ring games I've been successful at, versus unsuccessful at. I've only played a few since getting Poker Tracker, so this may or may not be very accurate due to lack of information, but...

My successful tables have been predominately fishy or calling station types. My unsuccessful tables have more of the loose-aggressive-aggressives (though I imagine they could easily become the most profitable people to play against when you're catching cards. I, of course, have not been catching lately in the low limit ring games).

One thing I need to do is print out the list of icons and my associated player ratings in PT. I have a few of the icons memorized (at least in 2 categories - respect this player's raises, and do not). There must be a way to print them...

I think I'll do some table watching before I sit down at my next low limit ring game instead of jumping right in.


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