Saturday, January 22, 2005

Game on!

Well, the snowstorm in Chicago limited itself mostly to the city - us southern 'burbanites got a few inches tops. Resultingly, it looks like I will have a decent turnout for tonight's little card game. I'm hoping for 8+. I don't have time to write anything productive right now, as I'm having an afternoon jewelry party with the girls. Gotta get all purty and accessorized so I can take all the guys' money tonight :) (j/k guys...) Or not.

I'm hoping my mom sticks around for the game. Prior to my dad passing away 5 years ago, I'd have never imagined my mom as a gambler or a card player. Then one day I held a card game, and the day after she called me all bummed out that I didn't invite her. Well, ma, I didn't know ya even knew how to play poker! She scoffed at me - "Don't know how to play poker? I'll show you!" Well, as the story goes, she has yet to lose when she comes out slumming with us kids. My fascination with the game makes much more sense now - my dad liked to gamble, but he did it for fun. My mom is a shrewd and cunning woman, and she plays some hella good cards. I'd have never known!

Ahhh well time to go put out the chips and dip... and later, game on!


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