Thursday, January 13, 2005

I wanna log in and play some cards, but..... I must work tomorrow, ewwww! It's back to the grind. I teach, and holiday break is now officially over. I'd have no problem staying up late tonight except that I stayed up late last night, and I'm still a tad bit sick from skipping sleep 2 days in a row LAST week. (Ahhh old age sure catches up with us more quickly than I'd ever expected!)

Anyhoooo I can't wait to log into Party Poker and play my new bonus, woohoo!

But, alas, not tonight. More poker coming this weekend, I promise - Scott's Diamond game is Saturday night, and I'm off Sunday and Monday before classes start Tuesday. MUCH poker to be had this weekend!

I'm off to start on one of my new poker books and fall asleep... TGIF everybody!


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