Monday, January 03, 2005

Well, I always wanted a poker nickname...

I was chit chatting with Randy (boyfriend) tonight about a post I'd read on Iggy's Guiness and Poker blog, about a girl who used her reputation for having temper tantrums at the poker table to win her a nice pot. I'm brewing up a post on that topic in my head, so I won't elaborate now, but here's a link to that post, if you'd like to read the story yourself. (Scroll towards the bottom of the post for Monday, Jan 3rd).

Randy snickered and said something about the girl in the story being "Shelly Junior." Some history: I can get a little cranky when things aren't going my way at the poker table. I don't throw temper tantrums - it's not that extreme - but I've been known to shove my cards to the muck in disgust or flick my chips away towards whoever had just beat my hand. It's not pretty and I'm not proud at my pouting, but on occasion, it happens. It's one of my poker new year's resolutions, to stop the pouting and be a better sport about losing.

Anyway - then Randy goes: "We'll just call you Ms. Shell-muth" (a dig on the notorious cry baby, Phil Hellmuth).

I had to laugh. Good one, baby!

Not a name I'd like to stick, though - at least not for that reason!


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