Friday, January 28, 2005

"If you want to succeed at the poker table, then don’t hoard your ammunition. Put your helmet on, grab your cock, leap out of the trench and start firing. It’s death or glory. If poker teaches us anything, it’s that." - Snagged from Iggy's guest blogger, Rick the FilmGeek. Great vocabulary on that guy. (I'm a sucker for words). Get well soon to Iggy as well - if the screws in your shoulder are anything like the clips on what used to be my gallbladder, they are made of titanium, which apparently does not set off metal detectors. Be sure to tell doctors you have them though before having any kind of MRI done - that magnetic crap can yank the screws right through your flesh! (Or maybe that's just on horror movies...)

Sadly, I just got an invitation to grab my proverbial cock at a new tournament tonight, and I *so* wish I could go - 30-odd people I've never played against before - but alas, it is Girls' Night Out, and we are going downtown to Chicago's Howl at the Moon - it's a rock n' roll dueling piano bar. Should be a good time, and hopefully I can secure another invite to the Pasta Game (which I will now affectionately dub it). Good luck to Ed!


"There is winning, and then there is winning by playing superior poker. In order to accomplish the latter, you have to go through phases of losing by playing superior poker." This wonderful tidbit has been pulled from BadBlood's Wednesday morning post on performance comparison. Indeed, winning feels good in general, but winning by out-maneuvering your opponents is much more intellectually satisfying (to steal BadBloods phrase). I too have issues with looking at absolute dollar amounts when figuring wins and losses. It would be much more appropriate (not to mention consistant and more accurrately telling) to be able to consider no-limit wins and losses in terms of buy-ins. Something I must work on.


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