Thursday, January 06, 2005

I came across a post on Paul Phillips' blog today that gave me a giggle. It's a quote that he came across while blog-searching his name (I had to giggle at that too).

Paul writes, "What really had me laughing is “After you play a couple hundred thousand hands, you get over the thrill and learn a grind that is reminiscent of MMORPGs but with a more lucrative outcome for the investment.” I think of all the hours I spent in college waiting for monsters to regenerate so I could slay them and level up, and come to think of it is rather similar to sitting at an online omaha table waiting for the nuts."

Does that mean it's no coincidence that I've been playing an online MMORPG for 7 years now? (That would be, Ultima Online). 84 months to be exact. And I am a self proclaimed computer geek.

What is it with geeks and poker? You hear all the time of players who are former computer programmers, or internet tycoons, or mathmaticians. Definitely not the typical high school "popular crowd."

I'm a card playing geek and proud! :)

Here's a link to the original post from Paul Phillips.


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