Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Welp... Party whooped my ass tonight. My flopped nut straight got sucked out by a river-heart flush. My pocket 7's-turned-trips on the flop fell victim to 4 hearts on board. Pocket queens got beat by a heart flush, and pocket Aces also fell to a heart flush.

Getting NO love from Party tonight.

So little love in fact that I've managed to run my meager little $75 on Party (remember, the "free money") down to zero this week. I'd reload, but I just used every red cent to my name to book my Vegas trip in March. (I booked it tonight - it's final! March 11-14th).

I logged off Party with that feeling you just DON'T want to have: the I-hate-poker, how-come-only-I-get-sucked-out-on, crybaby feeling.

I stared at my computer for a few minutes, and then realized something. I got sucked out on. That's all. I'm not the worst poker player that has ever lived. The Aces - well, my fault; I was trying to play sneaky and limp in with them. Shoulda never done that. (I'd gotten out of that habit months ago - not sure what made me do it this time). So that was my fault. The other beats - not much I could do. I'd bet them aggressively (pot-sized or more) and re-raised when someone bet them ahead of me to protect from the flush draw. The draws played, and hit. What can ya do? I'd say I should have bet more, but I don't think that'd have made a difference in these particular cases.

Instead of beating myself up in gloom and doom, I will just take it for what it was: bad luck. Suck outs. They happen. They sting. But instead of getting all wrapped up in negative self talk and bemoaning how the poker gods hate me, how about this:

I suck up the suck outs and just move on.

Hmmm. Novel idea.

I went back to the table with my Empire alter-ego, where I now sit, and am doing OK so far. Recoup a little bit, and then call it a night. That's my plan. We'll see how it goes....

** Update ** It went well.... got tonight's $40 bucks back in all of 50 minutes. I guess I'll just be playing from the Empire skin for a while.... incognito mwahahaha!


  1. SirFWALGMan said...
    Hmm.. Secret Empire ID! lol. At least if you have no Party Bankroll you can bring me more luck! heh. You are a pretty solid player. Do not worry about it. RAISE PRE-FLOP THOUGH! AA-TT, AKs-AJs, AK-AQ!! Even more in middle and late position! Read SSHE reccomendations! It is the only flaw I see in your game except maybe being a wee bit too tight.
    April said...
    Fucking Party Poker is rigged!! That's the problem!! :)

    I know how it feels...suck outs or not, it still hurts.

    Glad things are going well at Empire, hang in there!
    trumpjosh said...
    Sort of like putting on Groucho Marx glasses and going back to the table... I like it!
    Human Head said...
    Party is soooo f'ing rigged :)

    Suck up the suckouts and move on. Nice, I'm going to have to remember that myself.

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