Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hello again....Randy here, enjoying a little online poker hiatus. I'm less stressed these days it seems lol. Anyway wanted to drop in and talk about last nite's Shellmuth tourney and some other poker things. First off, just wanta say i enjoy a small 8 person-everyone-knows-each-other tourney. Back a couple years ago some friends of mine would get together every week for a game where You started with only 300 in chips and we played blinds went up as soon as someone went out. We'd play for 20 bucks a person per game, usually 5-6 of us with winner take all.....the thing i took away from those games is how to play short stacked. Great fun good times. Anywho back to present was fun to play some live cards as shell said in her previous post.....not many specifics to add to shell's's fun in those games cuz everyone is at the very least decent, so it seems to be almost a pretty level battleground. My favorite hand, well not my fav hand, lets say the hand i remember the most is going heads up against Mando, you remember him my Quad-8's on the board buddy, so it is only fitting him and I are in this pot. So, its heads up with me, Mando, and a board of 9-q-8 in a pot that was raised preflop and bet on the flop. The turn comes a K, and i look back at my cards to make sure they didn't change from 10-J. They did not...YAY! I had fewer chips than Mando, went all-in to be called. Mando happily turns over his 10-J. Okay fine split pot....but here's the kick to the proverbial poker balls....we were both in the blinds so we chopped are own money....That pot would have helped me alot in the second tourney where I went out 4 th. Ah well......again Mando nice betting good calling, and good playing. As to everyone that was there good playin.....yes that includes you too Tracy. So thanks Shell for hosting a nite of good cards and good laughs.

So, onto another quick it just me or is everyone else amazed at the amount of horrendous poker that is being played on TV as of late? I am not talking about WPT(new season PLEASE start soon) , or the WSOP reruns, or that Poker stars invitational thing they are showing on fox sports net.....I'm talking about the WPT Hollywood Home game, some of the hands they have shown on TILT, and not so much but still some awful play on Celebrity Poker Showdown. Hence the title of this posting, i watched Bill "Capt Kirk" Shatner catch quad 6's not only did he not get all he could have outta an already decent sized pot, but he was out like 4 hands later. And that barely scratches the surface of some of the other craziness they all have been showing lately, just watch Skeet "scream guy" Ulrich play....yikes. I do however very much enjoy the Pokerstars invitational on FSN. They only frustrating thing is, it is not on at any consistent time. However, it a no limit tourney with Ivey, Brunson, Hansen, Reese, Greenstein, Lederer, Chan, and Cloutier. Awfully good poker programming there, when you can find it.

Well, that's it for now.....hopefully i succeeded in wasting about 5 mins of your time.... see you at a tourney sooner or later. Take care...........


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