Friday, January 14, 2005


OK... so Party Poker gave me $20 to come back and play there. So I re-downloaded it today (it's on my laptop but not my newly reformatted desktop system). So I found some bloggers at a $25NL table, and I'm just sitting here gawking on the rail.... am I lame or what?? I cannot even speak. Thank god I'm behind a computer screen. Dork-o-rama going on here.


  1. April said...
    Ah, ya gotta just sit! Besides, half the fun is screwing with everyone...there is so many of us now, you're not really sure who's blogger and who's fish. Until someone drops the hammer, that is. ;)

    Just don't make the same mistake I did and fail to use all your come-back bonus by the deadline!

    I really like your blog, keep it up! Link added at my site.
    Shelly said...
    Thanks, April - I just linked ya :) I have 61 hands left to play to qualify for my bonus - I think I might get that outta the way riiiiight now!

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