Monday, January 10, 2005

I was doing my daily circuit of the poker blogs tonight, and came across a post on the Poker Nerd's site. It went as follows (some text removed - click the link to read the entire post):

Wanna Drive My Car?

"Then, to my surprise, she said that recently she'd been imagining how great it would be to go back to work or see people that she's associated with through her tutoring gigs and when asked what I do for a living, be able to say that I travel around as a professional poker player. that just about the coolest thing a wife could ever say to an aspiring poker player?


Apparently, it's her dream for me to quit working (while she goes back to work, mind you) and play poker for a living. She's OK with me heading out to Las Vegas or otherwise occasionally to play and I don't have to apologize for taking up a Saturday afternoon trying to win a cruise.

For this, I made damn sure I swept the floor, did the dishes, folded the laundry, and watched the Lil' Nerd while she got a quick nap in. Women are clever manipulators, aren't they?

[sic] I'm not quitting my job (yet), I don't have anything planned. But, the attitude is so much brighter. I'm not just playing for myself anymore...I've got the support of a family, and that feels, pardon the language, fucking great. [sic]

Dreams seem so much more realistic when others believe in them as well."

That last tidbit really got me thinking. There's nothing better than knowing the ones you love support and believe in your dreams as much as you do. It's so inspiring. My dreams as far as poker go, at this point, are basically to continue to improve my game, and become a respectable and respected poker player. I don't have aspirations to quit my day job (teaching web programming and computer repair at a local college), as I generally really enjoy my work. I also do web design and development on the side, and love that too. If I ever consider myself a professional poker player, it would be in addition to my other roles in life. My boyfriend Randy, on the other hand, I'm sure could say that he'd love to become a professional poker player as his primary job. And I think it's damn well possible. If that is his dream, I gladly support it.

So, kudos to Poker Nerd for the inspiring tale of his recent conversation with his wife about the future of his poker career. And here's to all of us with dreams - may we all know the joy of having loved ones believe in our dreams, too.


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